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Andrew Jernigan

How Insured Nomads built a global insurance company without code

Insured Nomads

We are providing protection and peace of mind to the globally mobile through international insurance delivered with exceptional benefits, outstanding service and technology.

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What's your personal background? What motivated you to start your own company?

July of this year marks 20 years as a digital nomad who became a slow-mad/expat. After deciding that I wanted to live and experience many countries I visited and then moved to Brazil in 2000, I started a small web design agency that I thoroughly enjoyed. Got married during the process a year or so later and since then we have worked across five continents, in many countries - raising three kids across cultures. Years later it led to the launch of a travel risk management and brokerage firm representing the leading global insurance companies. Last year, Insured Nomads was birthed, led by industry executives to fill a need for an innovative insurance company that is willing to think beyond and create policies that are needed, implement technologies to streamline the processes, and support our clients like no other company is doing at present. At our core, we are a social impact venture in partnership with Not for Sale and Share Hope International, we run on a culture of generosity.

What no code tools did you use to build Insured Nomads and what purpose did each play in the final product?

We are currently utilizing Webflow (CMS, Online Presence), Revetize (Rewards/Review Generation), Slidebean (Presentations) and SuiteDash (CRM, Client Portal, Broker Portal, document storage, e-signing, project management, private messaging)

What was the process of building your product from idea to launching?

Building our product takes getting the policies designed, underwriters and administrators contracted, emergency response and claims contracting established, strengthening our executive management, online presence built, raising additional funding, launched but then still bolstering our underwriting capacity for specialized policies and strengthening efficiency and service levels to remain outstanding.

How do you attract customers?

Employer groups come to us through relationships and referrals, individuals through affiliate marketing and social media, then NGO and families through broker/intermediary firms.

What are the biggest challenges you've overcome building Insured Nomads?

1. Accessibility: Service via social media channels, phone, email. Next, was through the implementation of our dashboard/portal for clients and team.

2. Education: How to guide people through the learning process with our products. Many buy on price not realizing they overpay, under-insure, and at time buy the wrong type of coverage

3. Trust: We are in an industry that some do not trust to start with, so that is a major factor for us to win.

Is Insured Nomad your full-time role?

Yes, I’m full-time on the executive management team, serving as CEO.

What's your advice for non-technical people who want to start a company?

Go for it and be bold. Read the book ‘Make’ by Pieter Levels  Learn and work on your personal development constantly. It’s an inside job (in your brain) so work on self-care, inner healing, and personal growth so that the wellbeing of your self can be reflected in the wellbeing of your company and your team.

What are your future plans for Insured Nomads?

We are growing rapidly and the forecast is extremely promising. We will be serving both the long term remote worker or digital nomad, and the expat or location independent workforce solving needs in advanced methods that will take the market by surprise.

How do you think the rise of no code tools will impact entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs are more empowered than ever before with the advance of the no code movement, and it is a driving factor of this generation of start-ups and growth/survival of existing small to mid-size business success.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Keep creating, learning, growing and empower your team to do so. Create a free culture for creativity for your company, and for helping charitable organizations with their talents and skills. Allow paid time off for people to serve volunteer organizations. Give generously as a company. Consider joining Pledge 1%   Our company exceeds this with our commitment to social impact, read more here.

When are you and your team (remote workers) are ready for insurance, turn to us at Insured Nomads - individual, family, group benefit plans.

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