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Build powerful and dynamic websites
  • Work on real projects with structured lectures
  • 1:1 instruction and guidance in our community
  • Create fully dynamic websites
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Webflow is reshaping the future of web development - are you ready?

"Webflow is at the forefront of a wave of specialist startups looking to change how companies build. And with an unusual new $72 million Series A funding round, Magdalin and Webflow now have the war chest to build a big business around their “no code” development approach.”  — FORBES

Why should you learn Webflow?

Build best-in class software

Webflow offers the flexibility of CSS and HTML, modern layout tools like flexbox and CSS grid, powerful animations, and one-click publishing.

Create fully dynamic websites

The secret power of Webflow is its CMS (Content Management System). The CMS allows for fully dynamic pages that pull in text and images to individual pages automatically.

Supercharge your site with no-code integrations

Webflow integrates with no-code tools, turning your website into a powerful application. Hide and show content with Memberstack, add real-time search with Jetboost, and connect thousands of other services with Zapier.

Unleash your creativity

With the ability to build online without restrictions, turn new ideas into a reality without waiting on developers.

Learn by building real-world projects

We believe the best way to learn is through doing. Our workshops always include time for students to create their own projects.

Who is this for?

Our Webflow track is designed for anyone learning Webflow for the first time. While having a prior understanding of HTML and CSS is helpful, we'll cover the basic topics to make sure anyone is able to learn. This course is great for all skill levels because Webflow empowers complete beginners to build websites, and also gives more experienced web developers the ability to design more quickly.

After this course, you'll know how to:

  • Build production-ready sites using Webflow
  • Structure databases in the Webflow CMS
  • Build custom interactions and animations using Webflow
  • Improve collaboration between teams
  • Connect Webflow with other no-code tools

By the end of this course, you will know how to build apps, websites and notifications using some of the most popular and easy-to-use Webflow tools.