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No Code Skills,
Real World Impact

Equip your team with the knowledge and confidence to be self-sufficient, adaptive problem solvers

Practical AI skills for every role

Understanding AI is no longer an optional skill—it's a necessity. Our program demystifies AI, teaching your team the core concepts and principles behind this powerful technology.
Best practices when using ChatGPT
Equip your team with the skills to proficiently interact with ChatGPT. Learn how to optimize prompts, reduce halluciantions, and more.
Expected outcome
Enhance your team's ability to harness the full potential of ChatGPT.
Build AI Prototypes
Using accessible no-code tools, build AI prototypes such as text and image generation apps.
Expected outcome
Witness your team transform challenges into AI-driven solutions.
Understand AI APIs
Empower your team to integrate AI into their projects with our comprehensive guide to AI APIs.
Expected outcome
Enhance your team's ability to harness the full potential of ChatGPT.

How teams use No Code MBA

Increase Team
Teams are using their newfound no code skills to streamline and automate workflows, significantly increasing efficiency.
Empower Indiviual
Employees at all levels are empowered to solve problems, optimize processes, and make a significant impact on the business.
Reduce IT
Teams can reduce their dependency on IT departments. Now, instead of waiting in the IT queue, they're creating their own solutions.

What teams will No Code MBA be perfect for?

Operations Teams
No-Code uses & Applications
Streamline processes, automate tasks, custom solutions
Improved efficiency, project management, inventory tracking
Marketing Teams
No-Code uses & Applications
Automate workflows, create landing pages, analyze data
Drive engagement, improve campaign effectiveness
Human Resources
No-Code uses & Applications
Build applications, automate feedback, dynamic centers
Improved communication, streamlined hiring, enhanced employee experience
Product Development
No-Code uses & Applications
Shorten development cycle, validate ideas quickly
Faster innovation and product launch
Sales Teams
No-Code uses & Applications
Create CRM solutions, automate follow-ups, dynamic funnels
Improved lead management, higher conversion rates

Here's what members are saying

Terrific way to learn No-Code
No-code mba builds confidence straightaway taking you to the meaningful projects. You build your muscle by doing real life projects including those using High end AI. I even learnt more about open AI and APIs during the course than before it.
Go-to for AI-based Apps
I've taken the AI course and am impressed at the speed with which I was able to build an AI writer using OpenAI's GPT-3 and bubble.io. Looking forward to many more courses. Thanks Seth, keep up the great work!
Yeshe Hagl
Great practical examples and projects
I signed up for NoCode MBA a long time ago when it didn't have much content available, the value has only increased as more high quality content has been added.
Charlie Moseley
Actionable, and easy to follow!
This course is super easy to follow along with. Seth is responsive and very helpful!
Great resource
I sign up to learn more about building apps with AI. I learned so much. Seth is super friendly and explains everything clearly. Now, I am taking all the courses he teaches. This a fantastic place to learn No code and build Apps fast! I can't wait to make several apps and test the market. I feel like I have a friend that will help me in my journey. What's better than that?
Silvia Unger
Excellent courses. Good variety. Always being updated.
No Code MBA is a terrific program. They have a wide selection of courses and resources, which is more than enough for someone to use to get started in the no-code space. Plus, there are coupons to get started with the no-code tools. Definitely give it a go. It's worth your time. Especially for the price - it's a no-brainer.
Jason Mandel
High Leverage Efficient Courses
I wanted to learn how to embed GPT3 into potential software products I wanted to create. Within a couple hours I had it hooked up and was fine tuning models. I am not a software engineer, and work in ops, but I had enough learnings to be able to make something powerful.
Very detailed and curated for all!
I’ve been in this community for the last 2 and a half years and it has been nothing but excellence. Seth is quick to recognise trends and show us how to build SaaS apps of the time.
Super effective
Did 2 of the AI courses so far. I had no idea how easy it would be. No Code is the future and No Code MBA is the path.
Jody Fleck

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