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Reduce software development costs, reclaim time due to automation, and increase employee engagement with No Code MBA's employee training

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"Thanks to their more accessible and intuitive interfaces, no-code and low-code platforms empower employees to create apps for their unique business needs. Employees are best suited to know when and how to make their work better, making them more likely to proactively deploy efficient and productive solutions."

On-demand training for the modern workforce

Before no-code tools, teams relied on developers or custom enterprise software to build unique solutions. Empower your team to build their own internal apps and automations to improve business processes.

Create automated processes inside your buisness

  • Automate mundane and repetitive tasks
  • Boost worker productivity and save time and money
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Build powerful, custom applications

  • Combine the power of spreadsheets with databases and logic
  • Give stakeholders the context they need to make decisions
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Work with data efficiently in Google Sheets

  • Go from beginner to expert building in Google Sheets
  • Give your team the skills needed to work with data
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Set your marketing and design teams free

  • Create marketing pages and update designs without using valuable developer resources
  • Increase iteration speed on new website features
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Stay ahead of the automation curve.

No-code tools allow any employee to build unique apps and automation solutions to fit their needs.

Reduce software development costs

  • Employees can build solutions on their own
  • Save valuable software development resources
  • By building processes on their own, employees can iterate quickly on solutions

Reclaim time thanks to automation

  • By using tools like Zapier and Airtable, teams save hours each week
  • Employees can spend time on creative new initiatives, rather than mundane repetitive tasks

Increase employee engagement

  • By automating repetitive tasks, reduce employee burnout
  • Foster collaboration between the entire workforce
  • Eliminating tedious routine work motivates employees to work on high-impact projects

Accelerate innovation in your business

  • Train your teams on the latest in-demand skills including Zapier, Airtable, and Google Sheets
  • Drive digital transformation throughout your team
  • More quickly achieve business results with faster iteration

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No-code tools allow any employee to build unique apps and automation solutions to fit their needs.

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Why No Code MBA?

Seth Kramer, founder of No Code MBA, has created each course specifically with the business user in mind.

Seth's unique experience working inside of businesses, starting his own businesses, and consulting for startups makes these courses perfect for your organization.

Seth is the former head of business intelligence for UrbanStems, a Series B funded startup, where he built the data warehouse for the company and led process automation throughout the business.

He's also a co-founder of Elevate Meal Plan, a 7-figure business that serves college students across four universities.

More recently, Seth is the founder of No Code MBA, where he's dedicated to offering the best possible no-code education to entreprenuers as well as employees inside of business. When he's not creating new content for the platform, he's consulting to help startups improve process automation.