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Real World Impact

Equip your team with the knowledge and confidence to be self-sufficient, adaptive problem solvers

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Practical AI skills for every role

Understanding AI is no longer an optional skill—it's a necessity. Our program demystifies AI, teaching your team the core concepts and principles behind this powerful technology.

Best practices when using ChatGPT

Equip your team with the skills to proficiently interact with ChatGPT. Learn how to optimize prompts, reduce halluciantions, and more.

Enhance your team's ability to harness the full potential of ChatGPT.

Build AI Prototypes

Using accessible no-code tools, build AI prototypes such as text and image generation apps.

Witness your team transform challenges into AI-driven solutions.

Understand AI APIs

Empower your team to integrate AI into their projects with our comprehensive guide to AI APIs.

Watch as your team starts seamlessly incorporating AI functionalities into their workflows.

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Get access to our full content library

No-Code MBA isn't just a course - it's a transformational business tool. Past learners have built custom CRM tools, automated tedious manual tasks, and even launched new digital products, all without needing IT support.

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How Teams Use No Code MBA

Increase team efficiency

Teams are using their newfound no-code skills to streamline and automate workflows, significantly increasing efficiency.

Empower Indiviual Contributors

Employees at all levels are empowered to solve problems, optimize processes, and make a significant impact on the business.

Reduce IT dependency

Teams can reduce their dependency on IT departments. Now, instead of waiting in the IT queue, they're creating their own solutions.

What people are saying

What types of teams is No-Code MBA best for?

Operations Teams

Operations teams can use no-code tools to streamline processes, automate manual tasks, and improve overall efficiency. The No-Code MBA can help them in building custom solutions for project management, inventory tracking, and more.

Marketing Teams

From automating workflows to building custom landing pages and campaigns, marketing teams can leverage no-code skills to drive engagement, analyze data, and improve campaign effectiveness.

HR Teams

HR teams can build custom applications for employee onboarding, automate feedback collection, and create dynamic resource centers. This results in improved communication, streamlined hiring processes, and enhanced employee experience.

Product Development Teams

For teams focused on creating and launching new digital products, the No-Code MBA can drastically shorten the development cycle, letting them quickly validate ideas and bring innovations to market.

Sales Teams

Sales teams can create custom CRM solutions, automate follow-up sequences, and build dynamic sales funnels with the skills learned in the No-Code MBA. This leads to improved lead management and higher conversion rates.

Invest in Your Team

  • Build a future-proof team that can adapt to changes and new technology swiftly.
  • Provide your team with knowledge and skills that continue to benefit your business long after the training ends.

Take the Lead in the No-Code Era

  • Encourage a culture of learning, innovation, and autonomy.
  • Position your business at the forefront of the digital revolution, ready to adapt and thrive.

Boost productivity

  • Enable your team to resolve their own issues and create timely solutions.
  • Decrease dependency on IT, freeing up their time for more complex tasks.
  • Enable your team to resolve their own issues and create timely solutions.

Choose your business plan

No Code MBA empowers teams to operate more efficiently and drive powerful business outcomes.

Why No Code MBA?

Seth Kramer, founder of No Code MBA, has created each course specifically with the business user in mind.

Seth's unique experience working inside of businesses, starting his own businesses, and consulting for startups makes these courses perfect for your organization.

Seth is the former head of business intelligence for UrbanStems, a Series B funded startup, where he built the data warehouse for the company and led process automation throughout the business.

He's also a co-founder of Elevate Meal Plan, a 7-figure business that serves college students across four universities.

More recently, Seth is the founder of No Code MBA, where he's dedicated to offering the best possible no-code education to entreprenuers as well as employees inside of business. When he's not creating new content for the platform, he's consulting to help startups improve process automation.