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Emmett Armstrong

Earning a full time income by productizing sales outreach

OnRamp Data

Help creative studios generate new business consistently.

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What's your personal background? What motivated you to start your own company?

I actually bought this company from a friend who was looking for a career change. I've always had an entrepreneurial mind because my dad was self-employed, so this was a great opportunity.

What no code tool(s) did you use to build OnRamp Data and what purpose did each play in the final product?

Each client requires a slightly different solution, but my main tools are Zapier, Gmail, Growbots for email prospecting, and Pipedrive for CRM.

How do you attract customers?

I send email outreach directly to prospects that I've identified who might be a good fit.

What are the biggest challenges you've overcome building OnRamp Data?

My biggest challenge right now is producing results in the time of COVID. Sales is changing rapidly and I often find that the tactics that worked a few months ago need to be updated for the new situation!

What's your advice for non-technical people who want to start a company?

My advice is to start with the smallest possible version of your idea. Try one client at a time, one problem at a time. Don't get so hung up on your final vision that you don't ever make any progress.

What are your future plans for OnRamp Data?

I plan to start offering Webflow development for my clients who have high-end motion design to showcase.

How do you think the rise of no code tools will impact entrepreneurship?

I think more and more people will start to understand how coding & the internet actually work, which will lead to a greater ability to come up with new ideas. On top of that, no-code also makes it easy for people to BUILD those ideas.

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