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Online Bootcamp

The MVP Bootcamp by No Code MBA

Learn how to build, launch, grow, and make money from your app idea. This No Code MBA bootcamp brings you expert-led curriculum to help you launch your MVP in 6 weeks.
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Bootcamp Overview

  • 6 weeks of live training to build your app idea without code
  • Help scoping your project and clarifying your business model
  • Refine your pitch so you can explain it effortlessly to customers
  • Help scoping your project and refining your business model
  • Weekly readings and discussions on curated articles and videos about building, launching, and growing your product
  • A tight knit community to learn from and stay accountable with during your journey
  • Lifetime access to the community so you can stay accountable even after the bootcamp is over
Your million dollar business idea will never get off the ground if you don't know how to build it.
The old way of building online required code. You'd spend $10k+ on a developer or enroll in an expensive coding bootcamp just to get started.
But times have changed. Thanks to modern tools like Webflow, Zapier, and Glide, coding is now optional.
If you can use Microsoft Word, you can build apps and websites like Headspace, Tinder and Product Hunt.

Learn with a cohort of no-code builders

  • Access to a private community just for your cohort
  • Collaborate with others in the group as you progress through the program
  • Get personalized support and feedback from your instructor and peers in the cohort
  • Stay accountable to other cohort-members
  • Learn through feedback and new perspectives
  • Meet people from across the world with similar interests and goals


Week 1: Idea generation and business models
  • How to brainstorm startup ideas
  • Overview of different types of business models
  • How to think about pricing
  • Define the idea you'll be building
  • Entrepreneur mindset
Week 2: Business validation
  • Where to find customers
  • Running customer interviews
  • Sending cold emails
  • Running marketing campaigns
  • Pre-selling
Week 3: Creating a brand
  • Writing copy on your landing page
  • Fundamentals of no-code app development
  • Defining your most important features
  • Building databases
Weeks 4-6: Building and launching
  • Live build tutorials and real-time feedback as you build your product
  • Choose the right no code for your business
  • Fundamentals of no-code app development
  • How to structure a database
  • Incorporating Responsive design
  • Defining your most important features
  • Build your first product without code
  • Publishing your app

App examples

FlutterFlow Fundamentals
Build an AI Writer with GPT-4
Build a landing page feedback generator with the Vision API
Glide AI
Figma Fundamentals - Design Your Own Landing Page
Build an AI Chatbot like ChatGPT with GPT-4
Build an AI Avatar Generator with Dreambooth
Build a SaaS like Linktree
Clone Airbnb in Bubble
Formulas in Airtable
Build a Task Manager in Airtable
Build a Substack clone in Webflow and Memberstack
Build a to-do app in Bubble
Build a print-on-demand store on Shopify
Build an app like Fiverr in Sharetribe
Build an upvote site like Product Hunt in Webflow
Build a job board site like Indeed in Webflow

Your instructor

Hey! I'm Seth Kramer, founder of No Code MBA. I'm an entrepreneur living in Washington DC. I'm especially interested in technology, online education and the digital economy.

I started a meal plan business in college. I worked on it part-time while I had another job, eventually grew it to a 7-figure business and quit my job to become a full time entrepreneur.

When COVID-19 hit this year, I started No Code MBA as a way to teach people how to build and start their own business using no-code tools. Within a few months, the business made over $10,000 in a single month.

I'm excited to help you launch your app!

Seth Kramer
Creator of No Code MBA


How much does the bootcamp cost?
The normal price will be $1990, but for the first cohort the price will be $750.
How much experience with no-code do I need?
None! You'll get all the training you need to build your MVP, even if you're completely new to no-code.
Do I need to already have an idea for an app?
Nope! The bootcamp covers idea generation and will help you pick an idea to build. If you have an idea already, we'll help you refine your business model and marketing strategy.
Where do I attend the classes?
All classes are online, so you'll attend from the comfort of your own home.
What is the time commitment? 
The live classes are 2 hours per week. To succeed, you should expect another 4 hours per week of work outside of class.
How polished will my no-code app be?
Your app will have enough polish to build your initial traction and start selling to customers.
What's your refund policy?
As long as you complete the coursework, you may receive a refund within the first two weeks of the program.
Will you build my app for me?
While we will be there to help every step of the way, you'll be the one actually building your app.

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