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Want your company to pay for your membership?

Here's a pre-crafted email you can send to your manager to get reimbursed.

Copy the email

Your company will likely reimburse you for your No Code MBA membership through their Learning and Development budget.

To help, we've created an email template below. Remember to incorporate insights from your research about the benefits of the No Code MBA program into this template.

To: Your manager

Subject: Advanced no-code training request

Note: feel free to adjust the subject line to the specific topic you're interested in, such as Aritifical Intelligence, Airtable, Zapier, etc.


Dear [Manager's Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I'm writing to discuss an opportunity that could significantly benefit my work performance and contribute to our team's overall productivity.

I recently came across the No Code MBA program, an online course focused on mastering no-code tools. It offers a wide range of modules that I believe could enhance my skills and allow me to bring new solutions and efficiencies to our team.

Specifically, I'm interested in learning ___________. I believe this knowledge can directly benefit our current projects, particularly in areas like ___________. Additionally, by gaining a deeper understanding of no-code tools, I'll be better equipped to automate tasks, improve workflows, and drive innovation.

The course has a strong reputation (you can read the reviews at nocode.mba/reviews). It provides real-world, hands-on projects that would allow me to apply what I learn directly to our work.

I believe that this training could be a valuable investment for my professional growth and our team's success. I'd like to request that the company consider reimbursing the cost of the No Code MBA membership as part of my professional development.

I'm happy to provide more information about the course or discuss this further at your convenience. I believe that the skills and knowledge I can gain from this program could be a valuable asset to our team and organization.

Thank you for considering my request!

Best Regards,

[Your Name]